Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Hodge Podge: PA Farm Show and more...

  • The fine folks at the Friends of Monterey Pass Battlefield are offering a limited quantity opportunity to own a fine work of art by a local artist, which depicts some of the desperate fighting that took place on July 4-5, 1863, as the bloodied Army of Northern Virginia attempted to limp their way back into Virginia.  It's a great chance to make a donation for historic preservation.  The fighting at Monterey Pass, south of Gettysburg, is the 2nd largest battle to be fought in Pennsylvania.  Sadly, it, and the events of the weeks long Southern retreat, and Northern pursuit, are largely overshadowed by the Battle of Gettysburg, July 1-2-3.  Check out the Friends' blog post here.

Also, check out this trailer for a short film made in 2010, about the Battle

  • Today not only marks the beginning of the Sesquicentennial commemoration of the events of 1862, it also is time to look forward to some of the many great Civil War related books that will be hitting the stores in 2012.  Friend, and fellow blogger, John Hoptak, has once again put together a great list of truly fascinating titles to look for, and make space for, on your bookshelves.  Check out the list here.
  •  The Shepherdstown Battlefield Preservation Association recently posted news of a strategic victory in their attempt to preserve the land on which fighting took place on September 19-20, 1862, as the Army of Northern Virginia attempted to retreat deep into Virginia, after the terrible Battle of Antietam.  Read the SBPA's December 22nd press release here
  • For those who aren't aware, January in Pennsylvania means "Farm Show", and January 7-14, 2012 marks the 96th year of the Pennsylvania Farm Show.  If you've never attended this great cultural event, held in Harrisburg, you have no excuse.  Personally, my favorite sights (and tastes) at the Show are draft horses, the milk shakes, "sheep to shawl" competition, and tractor square dancing (see it to believe it).  The PA Farm Show is truly one of a kind.  This year, the Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commission's (PHMC) Bureau for Historic Preservation (aka State Historic Preservation Office) will be showcasing a collection of Pennsylvania Historical Markers in the first ever Marker Scavenger Hunt at the Farm Show.  The hunt is not only a great way to highlight historical agricultural themes in PA, or spotlight one of the Commonwealth's most recognizable roadside attractions (the Historical Markers), but it is a great way for Farm Show visitors to interact with the history and heritage that is all around them, whether they realize it or not.  For more info, check out this post on the PHMC's blog Trailheads.   


Anonymous said...

HI Dave, I hope that your New Year started off great and thank you for posting this. Sincerely, John A. Miller

Dave Maher said...

You're welcome John! Anything I can do to help out a great preservation cause.