Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Friday, September 14, 2012

September 13 & 14, 1862: 5th PA Emergency Militia

Paul Wald, from Allentown, was a member of Co. C, 5th Pennsylvania Emergency Militia.  150 years ago today (and yesterday), Wald and his comrades were smack in the middle of Harrisburg, which was a flurry of activity and excitement.

September 13:
The first night after leaving Allentown, on the 13th of September, we slept in the capitol buildings at Harrisburg, with no less than 2000 of fellow soldiers.  For excitement and the shouts of the lively Companions I hardly had one hour's rest.  Getting disgusted and weary of the tremendous noise, I sought refuge on the Rotunda where several of our gallant Officers were sitting, who participated in all our privations and conversed with Captain Gregory on the Spirit of 1776. 

September 14:
Sunday the 14th of September - but no Sabbath.  Harrisburg was entirely changed into an arsenal, wheresoever we turned our eyes there we could see Regiments marching, Companies drilling and squads running on double quick time. 

Capital grounds in September 1862 - Harrisburg, PA

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