Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 18, 1862: Byers' Independent Cavalry Co.

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We spent this day at our camp at Spriggle's, where we staid last night and night before.  We received this morning at this camp an addition of 15 men to our troop, whos names we had before we left, but who, for want of horses or otherwise, were not ready to leave Harrisburg with us.  Their was great rejoicing on their arrival in the morning soon after breakfast.  Several of them were very sore from the long ride, especially William Knoche and others, who it seemed had been a source of much merriment to their companions.  Spent all day at this camp two miles from Hagerstown.

- Charles Rawn

"The Militia Journal of Charles Rawn, September 9 to 23, 1862". ed. by Darin Smith. available from; Internet.

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