Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

September 19-24, 1862: 7th PA Emergency Militia

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The morning of the nineteenth dawned and there had been no attack.  The enemy had disappeared entirely.  In this vicinity, at least, everything hostile and in arms that had been on this, was now upon the other side of the river, and the day was devoted to rest - much needed rest.  It was seven o'clock on the evening of the twentieth before the regiment was again on the move.  Orders were then received to strike tents and be ready for the march.  The route carried the command through Hagerstown again; and thence on to Greencastle.  Speed was not essential, and so with an easy, swinging gait and frequent restful halts the journey was completed and Greencastle reached on the early morning of the twenty-first.  The camp, well located convenient to water, and appropriately named "Camp Rest," indicated that something of a stop was intended. 

The 7th, being accustomed to military drill and the usefulness of knowing it well, did not leisurely pass the time away at 'Camp Rest'.  The Regimental historian goes on to note:

The few days available from the twenty-first to the twenty-fourth were well utilized for such instruction and experience was can only be obtained through life in the field and camp.  Its value was fully demonstrated when within the year to follow the regiment was again called to the performance of those other and more strenuous duties of the [Emergency Militia] campaign of '63.  On the twenty-fourth the camp was broken and the regiment was entrained at Greencastle for its uneventful ride to Philadelphia.

Latta, James. History of the First Regiment Infantry National Guard of Pennsylvania (Gray Reserves) 1861-1911. Philadelphia: J.B. Lippincott Co., 1912.

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