Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Pennsylvania's Emergency Men

Thursday, September 20, 2012

September 20, 1862: Byers' Independent Cavalry Co.

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Dr. [George] Dock, George Bergner and myself called to see Gov. Curtin [who had traveled to Hagerstown] soon after breakfast at his quarters.  He was in fine spirits and expressed himself as believing that the Pennsylvania militia had saved the country, and at all events an invasion of our State by their sturdy and formidable appearance in Dixie, and ourselves, that is, our troops, to the very bands of the Potomac [River].  We met Gen. Kenley [commander of Maryland's militia] (late  Colonel) of Maryland, a small and preposessing man in his appearance and manners, who was complimented highly on the spunk and prowess he had already envinced on the Union side in this contest, and in further compliment to the General, after something I had said to him of what we thought of him in Pennsylvania for his bravery, Gov. Curtin said, "You know, Mr. Rawn, they make game cocks small."
- Charles Rawn

"The Militia Journal of Charles Rawn, September 9 to 23, 1862". ed. by Darin Smith. available from; Internet.

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